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Welcome to Commonwealth Institute of Management, a Management Resource Centre for Commonwealth Countries.

Sustainable Capacity Building is our Expertise.


  Information Management (ICT)
  Human Resources Management (HRM)
  Governance and Public Sector Management (PSM)
  Corporate Entrepreneurship Development (CED)
  Finance and Banking (FM)
  Gender Development Management (GDM)
  Energy and Environment Management (EEN)
  Transport Infrastructure Procurement (IPT)
  Health Management (HM)
Why choose us?
*      We have a track record of training managers from Africa and beyond.
*      Our programmes are customer tailored to meet the management challenges of 21st century..
*      We utilize the services of our consultants in our AGRIVET International; who are highly qualified and experienced in a wide variety of disciplines.
*      We also utilize the services of individual consultants from University of Swaziland, Swaziland Institute of Management and Public Administration (SIMPA), Institute of Development Management (IDM) and other private sectors in Swaziland as well as Associate Consultants from other countries.
*      We adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and responsiveness to   clients’ needs
*      We are an Accredited Institution and member of South African Association of  Public Administration and Management (SAAPAM).
*      We are registered as a Higher Educational Training Institute in terms of the Swaziland Education Act.


Executive Director, Dr. Jesse Nkya Kundaeli discussing


Dr. and Mrs. Kundaeli with visiting lecturers from Turku University, Finland.